Darren Hogan continues his campaign of stalking even after conviction

Darren Hogan and his friend Hugh Abercrombie were both convicted for harassment and Malicious Communications in 2017 for labelling an innocent man as a paedophile.

Darren Hogan, who himself has police cautions for child abuse, has crawled out from under his rock and is again making sinister accusations against his same victim, which amounts to Malicious Communications.  The same allegations that saw him previously convicted.

On a recent malicious Facebook post by George Vella, (which has been recorded as a crime by Lancashire police and passed to Bedfordshire) Hogan has made a comment maliciously accusing the innocent man of posting indecent images of children.

What Darren Hogan is knowingly referring to is an innocent photograph of two brothers resting (below).

Hogan’s sick imagination implies the children are unconscious, he tries anything to cause as much harm as he can, yet, Hogan is the father of a boy. Hogan had cautions for abuse.

The photograph referred to was posted by the children’s father, not the person Darren Hogan of Wolverhampton accuses.

Darren Garry Hogan says the brothers were ‘cuddling’ and that they were scantily dressed, saying one looked unconscious.   Look at the photo, look at the father’s comment below it, Darren Hogan is desperate to cause harm to anyone with his perverted imagination relating to young boys.  Why is Darren Hogan obsessed with trying to suggest these innocent boys were ‘scantily dressed’, probably because that is how Darren Hogan sees them is his perverted mind.

Darren Hogan is desperate to dress it up as an illegal photo.

Darren Hogan is in a battle for custody of his own children (he has many with different women who fall prey to him).  But rather than support fathers in custody battles, he is quick to jump on an innocent father’s innocent children with lurid allegations.

Darren Hogan is obsessed with suggesting that the father’s photograph of his own children is some form of an illegal picture of children! Hogan is sick in the head, obsessed with child abuse and is determined to target the two innocent brothers .

Would Darren Hogan classify himself as a paedophile for hugging his own son?

The father never did finish his article on our site after being informed his children were being referred to in a sexual way on George Vella’s website.

That is true as the same two innocent children were targeted on George Vella’s malicious website created in 2020. On that website, the image was referred to as under-age children. Under age for what you might ask? To go to the pub? To drive? To buy a lottery ticket? Or something more sinister? Something sexual was obviously on the mind of George Vella in his malicious writeupVella was likely looking at  two brothers in a sexual way to form his weird opinion. Bit creepy! But surprise surprise Bedfordshire police refused to investigate and prosecute Vella for such a vile website.

Darren Hogan is also inciting violence against the same victim, again, this is on creepy George Vella’s Facebook page.

Hogan is trying to incite a local criminal, Jimmy Harrison of Scott Drive in Ormskirk, to attack the innocent man.






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