The Gang-stalkers, supported by Lancashire, Sussex, Bedfordshire and West Midlands police

What a good-looking bunch! These men are gang stalkers. As promised evidence will be collated on this site of these men’s antics.

Now the 4 men below participating in the online abuse of a teenage girl using sexual connotations.


Kyoji Mochizuki (aka Taz Ryder, Tariq Elmughrabi, Blake Tyler + 10 other alias names), Darren Hogan (aka Darren Gary & Darren Velasques + other alias names), George Vella (aka Rocky Vella), and Neil Wilkes (Miggsy) are all currently involved in gang-stalking our family in Lancashire, mainly honing in on our teenage daughter.

Kyoji Mochizuki is a convicted cyber criminal who currently has several disturbing websites online targeting our family, one specifically has pictures and fabricated information, including falsified porn images referring to our family. Trolling doesn’t get much lower than this!

Rose Horan of Sussex CID blames the victims! The police should be stamping out gang stalking, not encouraging it! Ironically, she recently got an award for her ‘victim care’.  Unbelievable! Horan will probably cry that she is being singled out, but, she made the decision not to prosecute Mochizuki when Sussex police had him in custody earlier this year and then let him free to continue his online trolling. She followed orders;  Nazi soldiers followed orders, which doesn’t mean they were innocent.

The fact that Kyoji Mochizuki (and his cronies) make ‘stories’ up is because we don’t have a shady past as they do. We have no skeletons in the closet so they have absolutely nothing on us to post other than malicious fabrications of their own warped imagination.

So why are Hogan, Vella and Wilkes in cohorts with this man? Well, Hogan has previously been convicted for setting up a similar website about my family, followed soon after by Vella, who did exactly the same. Bedfordshire police failed to prosecute Vella for his disgusting website, and, so far Vella has remained unpunished, the police appear to be protecting Vella.  Now Mochizuki has reared his disgustingly ugly head and followed suit. So, all trolls together, now gang-stalking.

Kyoji Mochizuki made a targeted post on his Facebook page recently (under one of his alias names Taz Ryder), about my family. The other three gang-stalkers agreed with his post, liking his comment. They love to see an innocent family attacked, they get so much joy from harm caused to others.  They often cry they are the victim, yet continue to gang-stalk. Everything we post is factual and in response to their attacks.

Hogan even commented on the post saying We got this followed by an emoji of a man with what looks like a baseball bat and balaclava.

Hogan has since removed this comment, as it was most definitely some sort of veiled threat. Hogan revels in a bit of gang-stalking. He is renowned for it and has been convicted.

Hogan has also recently posted a photograph of ‘Lancashire’ with ‘fire’ emojis. Our family were victims of an arson attack in 2017 and Hogan was convicted for posting obscene content regarding the arson attack. What could this post by Hogan possibly mean? It appears he is trolling again, as he lives in Wolverhampton with no connection to Lancashire. Fire emojis/Lancashire? Make your own minds up.

Hogan’s friends even comment on his posts asking ‘Who are you harassing now Darren’ He is infamous for it. This is what he does for a living! If he wants to carry on, we will just keep updating this website as evidence of his conduct.

Neil Wilkes is also linked to Mochizuki, as you can see he has liked the above post. Wilkes is currently being prosecuted for his part in the gang-stalking, including Malicious communications.

The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is aware of the abuse and attacks.  She is aware that Jo Shiner, the Chief Constable is turning s blind eye, and the job of the PCC is to hold the CC to account for failings.








Come on police…do your jobs and deal with gang-stalkers!


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