Darren Hogan, Wolverhampton – Hugh Abercrombie, Wolverhampton – Taz Ryder, Sussex – what is their connection?

We knew it wouldn’t be long before convicted internet troll Darren Hogan from Wolverhampton (or Darren Gary as he likes to call himself. He’s another with so many names), stuck his scummy little nose in to some more online trolling.

He likes a bit of attention does Hogan, so here it is just for him. He obviously wanted his ugly mug on this site or he would have kept quiet, but let’s give him the limelight he loves so much. We’re nice like that!

Hogan was convicted in 2017 for internet offences against my family, along with his dear friend, Brazilian Jujitsu instructor, Hugh Abercrombie, also from Wolverhampton https://www.expressandstar.com/news/2017/07/10/wolverhampton-internet-troll-gets-suspended-jail-sentence/

Both received restraining orders. Abercrombie is still subject to a restraining order. Has Abercrombie breached his restraining order? Hmmm.

So why would Hogan and Abercrombie be poking their noses into attacks on my family from the latest keyboard warrior on the scene, Taz Ryder (aka Kyoji Mochizuki and Tariq Elmughrabi…so many names!) https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/crime/county-news-man-sentenced-for-cyber-attacks-on-police-contact-centre-869728

Ryder is another convicted internet troll. All trolls together. They must be having so much fun attacking a family. Gang stalking is the phrase I’m looking for.

Darren Hogan Facebook chat

Hogan has cautions for child abuse. Ryder has allegedly raped a 15 year old boy, so I’ve been told. What could be their connection?

Why would Hogan, Ryder and Abercrombie be in a group chat? Hogan posted a screenshot of the chat to show everyone what an absolute dickhead he is as he loves to troll. Whether he’s mocked up the image is unknown as he likes to use a bit of photoshop now and again, but that’s what he posted.

Apparently, he’s been loving Ryder’s attacks on my family too, so Ryder says. They are certainly on the same level mentally.

I’ll keep you posted with their antics. I’ll be logging everything on this website for future reference and for police evidence. They want the publicity so they get it. Simple.

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