Kyoji Mochizuki making more sinister threats, Sussex police do fuck all

For 6 months Kyoji Mochizuki attacked me, then my daughter, and now my wife.

He believes he is above the law, we shall see.  This is his picture, it is a few years old, but this is him.

Rose Horan of Sussex police, pictured above, has helped him evade justice.

This sick man, claims to be an ethical hacker, and the ethical hacking community are being contacted to let them know who he is.

Kyoji Mochizuki is an alleged paedophile, he attacks the young and has distributed what appear to be child abuse images, he is sadistic, and sick in the head. To be frank, the world would be a better place without him. Here’s hoping!

If you have any details, please tell me, not the police. An address will do.

His Mother is Eden Bahkesh, she lives at 58 Mansfield Road, Hove and may be hiding him, this address is from his Companies house.

A couple of hours ago, Kyoji Mochizuki contacted me on twitter and pleaded to have his pictures removed or he will attack my children.

George Vella – Churchfield Road, Bedfordshire

This is the same man that George Vella of Bedfordshire is supporting.  George Vella and Neil Wilkes both shared the malicious websites that Mochizuki had created, making them guilty of as they are sharing malicious communications

Sorry, I do not negotiate with terrorists, you are a terrorist, and you are now wanted, and I will ensure that every wrong’un knows your name, your picture and what you have done to my children and wife.

You are a sick fuck.


Edited photo of what he looks like now.

Kyoji Mochizuki aka Taz Ryder (alleged Child abuser)


Let’s hope Rose Horan has no involvement as she appears to be helping Kyoji Mochizuki.

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