Detective Inspector Susan Ennis found to have covered up an investigation

Detective Inspector Susan Ennis was a part of Merseyside PSD when she sent a malicious email to me, the victim of Malicious Communications that she was part of the investigation team.  See it here…

Once a complaint was made (and brushed under the carpet) Inspector Susan Ennis called me to grovel her apology.  This has been recorded in a telephone conversation that lasted ever 1 hour.

During the conversation, Inspector Susan Ennis told me in no uncertain terms that she had reopened the investigation into the Malicious Communications and it was her that had told HTC (High Tech Crime) to re-investigation.  he also made it very clear that she was overlooking this case and will ensure it is completed thoroughly.

What Detective Inspector Susan Ennis was not expecting was for me to be provided (accidentally) with a copy of the PNC (police national computer) record relating to this investigation that Susan Ennis invoked and that Susan Ennis overlooked (allegedly!)

The PNC record I received has been maliciously modified, stating that I have previous criminal convictions.  This is untrue, I have no criminal convictions of any kind. Why did Inspector Susan Ennis allow this to go unnoticed!

The PNC contained the HTC (High Tech Crime) report of the IP address I supplied as evidence.  Even though the IP was specified in a email header, HTC appear to have checked the wrong IP address.  Even after I pointed this out to police, they never checked their mistake.  At a later date, I provided further supporting evidence, this was refused to be investigated, even though Susan Ennis promised it would be reviewed.

In a nutshell, I provided evidence and police covered it up and refused to review it.

This is clearly documented in the PNC document I received and ties in nicely with the telephone recording of Susan Ennis.

Since receiving the PNC record, I made a formal complaint as it breaches my person data under the Data Protection Act, (principle 1 and principle 4). It also shows that corruption has occurred in that falsified evidence has been created and an investigation was intentionally hampered.  Ironically, Merseyside PSD refused to record this complaint for investigation. See how police abuse the complaint handling process.

Further evidence will be posted and the evidence (both PNC and Audio) is available to main stream media on request.


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