Man jailed because of George Vella website and Bedfordshire police failures

Gary Enticknap has been convicted again.

George Vella, from Churchfield Road, Bedfordshire, created a malicious website in 2020 targeting me and labelling me a paedophile. The sick old man thought he would get away with it, and so far he has, but not for long.

Bedfordshire police failed to investigate this sickening website, leaving it in public view for 12 months. Three other men face conviction (including Gary Enticknap) for acting on the lies Vella published.

Because of George Vella’s twisted mind and the posts he facilitated on the website (he has admitted to owning), Gary Enticknap from Cleveland, decided to target me also, driven by Vella’s malicious lies and twisted obsession with paedophilia.

Gary Enticknap was sent to prison for copying malicious publications by Vella, yet Vella still remains unpunished for his actions. (not for long)

Enticknap was also given a 10-year restraining order.

After Enticknap was released from prison, George Vella contacted him again.  Vella filled the tiny mind of Enticknap with more false hatred, causing Enticknap to breach his restraining order. Enticknap has been charged and convicted again adding to his string of criminal convictions.  This latest conviction is being challenged as being unduly lenient.

Vile Vella says he has never contacted Enticknap, yet, the police have evidence of the conversation confirming Vella was in contact with him, proving again that George Vella is a compulsive liar.

A snippet of the evidence in Enticknaps messages

Enticknap has previously been convicted of sexual offences. Why would Vella want to contact this man?

Who the fuck is Vella?

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