Lancashire Police Corruption

Lancashire police have recently sought an injunction to silence Paul Ponting, one of the editors of this website. Lancashire police brought nine officers to court to testify against Mr Ponting claiming that this website caused the officers to be harassed. In fact, nothing in all their careers had been more harassing than this website.

George Vella from Bedfordshire

An injunction was indeed granted and Lancashire police sought £30,000 from Paul Ponting to cover their overinflated legal costs (this was not an award for damages).

Interestingly, in the last week, a man named George Vella from Bedfordshire has claimed ownership of a malicious website recently set up about Paul Ponting. Paul Ponting has reported George Vella numerous times over the years for his continued harassment and malicious communications. Lancashire police have NEVER charged him. They did, however, charge Paul Ponting when George Vella claimed harassment. This charge was dropped by CPS, but it was another malicious prosecution on Lancashire police’s part.

Incidentally, George Vella was part of a task force called Operation Malaya that Lancashire police set up in 2017 which tasked at least 5 officers, full time for 4 months in an attempt to frame Paul Ponting, for offences he had not committed. They ultimately failed but the point is they tried!

Now, George Vella’s new site is the most grossly offensive site I have ever seen. On George Vella’s site he accuses Paul Ponting of the most grossly offensive crimes. He is stalking, and has others stalking, Paul Ponting’s every move and that of his family. The posts on George Vella’s website are dangerous and could cause serious harm to Paul Ponting if someone were to believe them.

George Vella leaving court after failing a private prosecution.

Up until now, a Chief Inspector, who is ‘investigating’ Vella’s website has basically said the website is fine and there are no offences on it.

How can this website, which at most calls police officers corrupt, be the most harassing thing they have ever experienced, yet Lancashire police tell Paul Ponting and his wife Anna Ponting that they cannot be harassed by a website specifically set up to target them and put them in danger with its malicious posts?

Who are Lancashire police to decide who can be harassed and who can’t? They cannot have it both ways!

A crime is a crime. Lancashire police cannot refuse to investigate a crime because they do not like the victim.

I have emailed the Crime Commissioner and Rosie Cooper MP for their help in this matter. I will update this article with their responses.


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