Perjury complaint submitted to Lancashire police

Lancashire Police Corruption

Today a complaint has been sent to Lancashire police Professional Standards Department.

This relates to a Lancashire police officer who committed perjury, not once, but TWICE.  The complaint also alleges two other Lancashire police officers conspiring to tell the same lie in court, a lie easily proven by the police own Body Worn Video.

The details of this incident are already published on our website some weeks ago here. This was not raised as a complaint at that time as, to clarify this situation, the officer who lied was known to be giving evidence in another court hearing.  The barrister at this 2nd hearing asked the officer the same question about using his foot, the officer again lied.

The full complaint has been compiled and is awaiting publication on a new website called UK Police Complaints

The UK Police Complaints website has the full complaint and video of the officer ‘using his foot’, which he denied on TWO separate occasions in TWO separate courts telling the same lie.

In one of the videos, I say [pointing my camera at his feet kicking me] “IF YOU TOUCH ME I WILL HAVE YOU CHARGED WITH ASSAULT” to which the officer said “OKAY”. The officer was aware he used his foot and accepted the warning that  Iwould seek a charge of assault, however, on the second occasion, I again warned him but this time the officer arrested me and denied in court that he used his foot. 100% proven lie and  I WAS CONVICTED.

On appeal, this conviction was overturned after the footage was made available to the court.

I required a Court order as another police officer refused to let me have the evidence to defend myself.  He refused to investigate my allegation of the officer kicking me (an assault).  I am not saying for one minute this is a serious assault, it is a ‘technical assault’, but nevertheless, a crime that was not investigated and now the statute of limitation has passed.

Lancashire police failed to submit it as evidence, saying it had NO EVIDENTIAL VALUE.

A criminal charge of perjury is being sought, the evidence is conclusive.


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