Liverpool law firm takes on Greater Manchester police over the unlawful arrest of a rape survivor

In a deeply disturbing case that has recently come to light, one of Liverpool’s most reputable law firms specializing in actions against the police has launched a civil claim against Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on behalf of a vulnerable rape survivor. The survivor, who’s identity is protected, has already endured the trauma of being raped, was subjected to an unlawful arrest and detention in her own home under highly questionable and sinister circumstances.

The troubling incident occurred when GMP dispatched two male officers to the survivors home. Then, using persuasive tactics, they convinced her to open her front door to speak to them. Once inside, the male officers proceeded to arrest her, despite her vulnerable state and without proper (or any) grounds.

It has now emerged that the arrest was based on a crime report that has been proven to be false!

Shockingly, the allegations against the survivor were fabricated by another woman with a history of making false crime reports. This individual’s deceitful actions have previously led to the wrongful arrest of at least two other men. Furthermore, this woman has made similar false allegations to other agencies and has a well-documented history of criminality.

The failure of GMP to thoroughly investigate the veracity or validity of her allegations before making this arrest (and others) raises serious questions about their procedures and their connection to the informant.

The renowned Liverpool law firm representing the rape survivor has a formidable track record of holding the police accountable for misconduct and unlawful practices. Their involvement in this case underscores the gravity of the situation and the potential ramifications for GMP. The firm will no doubt argue that GMP’s actions not only violated their client’s rights but also significantly exacerbated her trauma, demonstrating a disturbing lack of sensitivity and due diligence in what is alleged to be motivated be revenge.

At the core of this legal battle will be the principle of accountability. The Liverpool law firm is dedicated to exposing and rectifying abuses of power, ensuring that the rights of individuals are safeguarded and to uncover the repeat allegations from an informant who appears to have GMP dancing to her tune.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of proper investigative procedures and the catastrophic consequences when these protocols are neglected, or abused.

The courage of the vulnerable survivor in standing up against this injustice, supported by her friends and the steadfast Liverpool legal team, is commendable. This case not only seeks justice for her but also aims to set a powerful precedent, advocating for those who may find themselves in similar harrowing situations. As the case progresses, there is hope that it will lead to much-needed reforms within GMP, reinforcing the necessity of accountability and integrity within the police force.

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