Temporary Inspector Simon Owen of Merseyside Police fails crime victim

Temporary Inspector Simon Owen of Merseyside Police has failed a victim of crime due to what can only be seen as a ‘protection racket‘ by Merseyside Police.

The culprit in this case is Joel Rodwell who posted Malicious comments, contravening the Malicious Communications Act, on his disgraced News site, OTS News.

Temporary Inspector Simon Owen, allegedly under orders from his superiors, has decided the NFA the decision to press charges against Joel Rodwell.

The staff at John Pugh, MP office were highly-concerned at the decisions taken and have queried them forcibly with senior Police officers.

Of course, Temporary Inspector Simon Owen of Merseyside Police failed to reply to any comments.

PSD have been asked to record a complaint who have also failed.

The victim is seeking legal advice and speaking with local press reporters about taking action against the officers directly.

The process to seek a summons for a Private Prosecution has been started.

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