George Vella of Bedfordshire Proven Liar – UPDATE

George Vella is a twisted old man who lives in Churchfield Avenue, Bedfordshire, and has responded to our factual article.

UPDATE: He has now deleted the comment we have highlighted in this video (below)

I intend to make very public all of his lies so those who follow this nut case can have an opportunity to see the truth.

In his latest rambling, George Vella categorically states one lie that is so comical, I needed to video his Facebook to prove it.

This video below proves 100% that he is a liar.

He categorically says “I HAVE SHARED NO LINK TO ANY WEBSITE OWNED OR RUN BY SOMEONE CALLING THEMSELVES TAZ RYDER”, yet, scrolling down his Facebook page only a few days previously, he has posted a link to the Taz Ryder website.

Taz Ryder is a convicted Cyber Criminal who is under police investigation for distributing child abuse photographs and for stalking and blackmailing a teenage girl.

Check out George Vella’s Facebook page to see for yourself

George Vella created a sickening website, labelling the same targeted innocent man as a paedophile.

Notice how the above was written by a name of Paul Turner?  Strange how George Vella admits owning the website and domain and it is supposedly written by Paul Turner, someone Vella claims not to know.

Vella sent an email to the police admitting it was him.  He says he ‘bought the domain’ but denies any knowledge of who was building the website.  Vella is so stupid, as only the domain owner can set the name servers and the domain owner is the only person who can shut down the website associated with it.  The police also confirmed that Vella owned the website.

Now he is supporting others doing the same.  Bedfordshire police, on the advice of Lancashire police, refused to investigate the malicious website and covered up Vella’s admission for over TWO years.    This has resulted in costly and successful High Court Action that cost Bedfordshire police a vast sum of money and public humiliation.

George Vella also lied saying “He also claims I have messaged someone called Gary Enticknap. I have never heard of him“.  Really, the evidence (Screenshots of Enticnaps Facebook used in Court) has been passed to mainstream media and they have agreed to publish it.

George Vella is facing prosecution in October for the above website, a hearing date is set.

I will not tolerate him or any of his idiot gang stalkers who do not look at facts, they just appear to see Vella as some sort of cult leader.

George Vella seems to think that he will take legal action that will ALLOW him to continue his attacks and get away with the malicious website he created.  Think again you Vile old man, your time is coming.

What an idiot.






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