West Mercia Police officer sacked for sexual assaults and harassment while on duty

Pc James Walters, who had been based in the operation patrol unit serving the north of the force’s area, had 10 allegations upheld against him.

These included accusations he breached three standards of professional behaviour, including areas of authority, respect and courtesy; equality and diversity; and discreditable conduct.

On Friday , a gross misconduct panel found Pc Walters failed to act with self-control, tolerance, and used offensive and harassing behaviour and language towards colleagues. He also engaged in sexual conduct or other inappropriate behaviour while on duty, it was heard.

The panel members found that the breaches were so serious they amounted to gross misconduct and justified dismissal.

West Mercia Police’s head of professional standards, Superintendent Rebecca Love said: “We expect the highest standards of professional behaviour from all of our officers, both towards members of the public and their colleagues.

“James Walters behaviour and actions while on duty breached the standards of behaviour that are essential in serving our communities, which is why he has been dismissed from the force and added to the College of Policing Barred List.”

Walters will not be employed by the UK Police Service in future. The hearing decision is subject to appeal.

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