Stalker police officer sent riot van to woman’s home after she ended affair

A West Mercia Police officer who harassed a woman and sent a riot van to her home after she ended their affair has pleaded guilty to stalking.

Stephen Green, 60, began stalking the woman last year after their affair ended.

The Shrewsbury-based officer, who was married with children, embarked on a four-year affair with the woman, which ended in August 2020. He began stalking her in November 2020 when she started a new relationship.

He sent several messages and flowers to her and instructed his friend to make a drink-drive report against her and her new partner, which his friend did.

Green was charged with one count of stalking involving serious alarm or distress for offences, admitted his guilt at his plea hearing at Dudley Magistrates’ Court.

He also made two false Covid-19 breach reports to the police and instructed other police officers to carry out address checks at the victim’s homes and the homes of her mother and new partner. He even sent a riot van to check out the victim’s home address.

The offences, which took place between November and January, led to the victim putting her house for sale and moving in with her mother.
Fiona Cortese of the CPS said:

“Police officers are trusted to uphold the law, yet Stephen Green broke the law to cause serious distress and anxiety to a woman who had moved on with her life after their breakup.

“He abused his position to access and use resources that members of the public would not have access to. His guilty plea came following an investigation by the police, a detailed review by the Crown Prosecution Service which led to further evidence being requested and obtained.

“When the case was presented to the court, the evidence against Mr Green was overwhelming and resulted in an early guilty plea being entered.”

Stephen Green has resigned from the police force and will be sentenced on August 13.

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