West Midlands police refusal to investigate a crime, leads to a successful application for a Private Prosecution.

After West Midlands police intentional refused to investigate a criminal offence, the victim correctly sought a private prosecution via the criminal courts, which has been granted.

On considering the application, a District Judge granted the summon against Neil Wilkes to face charges of Malicious Communications.

Neil Wilkes of Tipton, Walsall, is charged with sending, by electronic communication,  a message that was threatening and grossly offensive.

Wilkes was previously charged for the same offence against the same victim in 2021, but that case was dropped by CPS due to ‘evidential difficulties’.

Wilkes had claimed that he believed ‘PEDO‘ meant child and that by this, he would say that he inadvertently called the victim a child, and not a paedophile…  A ridiculous defence but one which can no longer be relied upon.

Wilkes appears to have taken this ‘close shave with the courts‘ as a rubber stamp to repeat his sickening communications, leading to a private prosecution.

The CPS was notified (by the victim) that he wished for them to take over and continue the prosecution,  given that the new evidence raises none of the previous concerns.

The CPS initially requested 4 weeks from the victim to review the case and make a decision; however, days before this deadline, the CPS requested a further 6 weeks.  This is being challenged.

George Vella – Bedfordshire

Wilkes is no stranger to the UK Courts.  He and a friend, George Vella,  attempted to bring a private prosecution against several police officers, but they failed after trying to involve the national press. (the scum  SUN)

Both Vella and Wilkes have also been ordered to pay the same victims’ legal costs after they abused the legal process in the High Court in London.

The case continues…

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    • The same fella has been caught out getting a ‘minor’ pregnant. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones…

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