Lancashire police constable PC Tierney faces Misconduct Hearing at Ormskirk police station.

PC Tierney will go before a three-day misconduct hearing to face a series of alleged improprieties, which also includes using a police vehicle and the police databases for personal reasons.

PC Tierney is also said to have sent further offensive messages despite being aware they were inappropriate.

The hearing will take place at Ormskirk Police Station from Wednesday to Friday (May 18 to 20) and will be overseen by a panel of three, including police and independent representatives. According to a hearing notice, PC Tierney will face allegations that “failed to act in a professional manner and behaved in a manner that may damage their reputation and that of policing”.

The allegations include pursuing “sexual relationships with female colleagues that he met whilst performing his role as a police officer” and “utilising his power imbalances to engage in sexualised behaviour with female colleagues junior to him”, as well as failing “to treat colleagues with respect or courtesy”.

The notice states:

“It is further alleged that whilst on duty, PC Tierney collected a colleague from a social event in a police vehicle. It is also alleged that the officer sent racist messages, offensive and inappropriate messages being aware they were inappropriate.

“It is alleged PC Tierney utilised police systems for personal reasons and not for a policing purpose. In light of the stated conduct, it is alleged that PC Tierney breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Authority, Respect and Courtesy, Equality and Diversity, Orders and Instructions, Duties and Responsibilities and Discreditable Conduct.”

If the allegations are proven, the panel will have disciplinary options ranging up to immediate dismissal.


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