Back Brian Bradford’s campaign for election for Northumbria Police Crime Commissioner in May 2021

Crime commissioners have the power to hold Chief Constable to account. The problem is, most don’t have the balls to!

Brian Bradford make it clear that he intends to help ‘stamp out corruption‘ in police and government.  Help him get into a position where he can help our campaign.

If we do not support people like Brian trying to get make a difference, then we cannot really complain about corruption.

Please see further details on Brian’s page here.



  1. Hi Paul Thanks a million for this. True corruption platforms are hard to find and most get closed down because they hit corruption bang on or from stupidity from those who wish to do damage to a websites reputation. I must point out I’m not a cop hater by any means…I just don’t trust them and with good reasons. Every day another creep comes out or are shown to be liars.

    Should I not make enough funds to contest the election your viewers can declare which charity the shortfall can go to. Should I win or have the deposit paid back, then again the monies will be donated to charity. I do not wish to make any money from this election only to get funds for the deposit. I hope your readers can continue their efforts on facebook etc to friends and family to inform them of my campaign for without a voice for all of the U-K which has to be listened to causing an earthquake among crime commissioners throughout the U-K ALONGSIDE every chief constable. If we have no voice then people of the U-K are left to wait for government change. May I also say all cops should undergo continuing psychoanalysis and its a breeding ground for corruption in office.

    • Hi Brian, no problem at all, we support you 100%. The irony is, I am not a cop hater, but detest corruption and wrongdoing. This website roots out bent cops as they complaint about the facts that are published. This website should be praised by police forces, but the likes of Lancashire police, they took an injunction against me stopping me mentioning the corrupt cops in Lancashire. I may stand for PCC in Lancashire one day… that will scare the shit out of Lancashire police!

  2. The crime commissioners are just muppets who’s strings are pulled by the constabulary they are meant to be watching over. Absolute joke!

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