Confessions of a Lancashire Police Informant, Paul Turner

Paul Turner is a self-confessed Police Informer, confirmed in Chorley Magistrates Court and is the reason why Lancashire police failed to charge him with a number of crimes he has committed against Paul Ponting.

Also, why Lancashire police have attempted, several times, to falsely convict Mr Ponting.

All attempts have failed which resulted in several successful civil claims against Lancashire police, approaching £50,000 in total (with further claims in progress)

Lancashire police prosecuted Mr Ponting for Malicious Communications, for ‘naming‘ Paul Turner as a police informant.

Paul Turner told Mr Ponting of his own free will, in fact, the enrolment was undertaken in Paul Ponting’s business in his presence!

Mr Ponting very detailed information of a specific person named Colin Pritchard, that Turner helped Lancashire police convict.

Turner had made admissions he had previously worked for Pritchard as a drub mule in Skelmersdale, Lancashire and Merseyside

The Malicious Communication prosecution against Mr Ponting though put Paul Turner into the witness box at Chorley Magistrates and, directly into the firing line for being questioned ‘under oath‘.

Paul Turner was asked.

  1. Are you a police informant?
  2. Have you ever told anyone you are a police informant?
  3. Have you ever written anywhere that you are a police informant?

He answered NO to each question. (all of which were lies)

The questions were absolutely crucial in the proceedings as for the offence of Malicious Communications to be made out, the ‘communication’ (naming Turner as a police informant), must essentially be grossly offensive or untrue.

Of course, calling someone a Police Informant, (even if untrue) is not grossly offensive, so, the only test for Malicious Communications in this trial was, “was the communication false“.

On answering NO to all three questions, Paul Turner immediately committed Perjury.

This lie was unquestionably material to the proceedings and could have resulted in Mr Ponting receiving a criminal conviction even a custodial sentence, therefore was perjury.

This article is to show how Paul Turner lied, and how Lancashire police protected him from that lie.

Not only is Paul Turner 100% guilty of the criminal offence of Perjury, but Lancashire police are themselves guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice.

Below is a copy of  Paul Turners Industrial Tribunal.


The LAST page, Page 7, is the confession by Turner of being a Police Informer.

He has ‘told’ a Police Officer in a recorded conversation that he is a Police informer (read about that here), further proof of his intentional lies in Court.

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  1. Convicted in Blackpool 2 Police Assault when woken by 3 officers responding to a burglary at the flat I was living in part 4 Bailed the stitched up then Perry by the officers involved.I was asleep when 3 officers attend woke me up to be told I was being arrested for burglary it was pitch black only light from torches, reached for my trainers got batters by all 3 then detains at the station.They couldn’t charge for arrest part 4 bailed me stitched me up in court

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