Covid-19: Met Police officers in haircut lockdown breach

Thirty-one Met Police officers who broke coronavirus rules to get haircuts are facing £200 fines.

Two officers who hired a barber to give the cuts to staff at Bethnal Green Police Station, on 17 January, are also facing misconduct investigations, the Met said.

Under current lockdown restrictions in England, barbers and hairdressers are not allowed to work.

Det Ch Supt Marcus Barnett said he was “deeply disappointed” in the officers.

“Although officers donated money to charity as part of the haircut, this does not excuse them from what was a very poor decision,” he said. “I expect a lot more of them.

“Quite rightly, the public expect police to be role models in following the regulations, which are designed to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.”

The investigation comes after fines were handed out to nine officers who were caught eating breakfast together in a Greenwich café.

All those officers were issued with a £200 fixed penalty notice.


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