Lancashire police shelve a Cyber Attack investigation where they are the suspects

In an unbelievable display of police corruption, Lancashire police appear to have shelved a crime that was reported to them, where this very website (UKCP) was under attack from an IP address linked to Lancashire County Council and presume to be Lancashire police. Read about the attack here.

Today (1/4/2022) I contacted Lancashire Police Professional Standards (PSD) by letter, asking them for an update on this reported Cyber Crime dated 12/2/2022.  PSD responded saying do not have any reference number for this, and insisted I contact 101 to find out the incident log.

So I called 101 and spoke with a very pleasant call operator who located the log reference and told me that the log states that on the very same day I reported it, the incident was passed to PSD by the Force SIM (a police Sergeant).

Strangely, it was not passed to the Lancashire Cyber Crime Unit.

A note was also added to the police log saying that PSD would ‘look into it‘!

PSD had diverted me away from them when I asked for an update when the log clearly shows that they are very much ‘involved‘ and have the case in their department.

Even almost two months on, and with concrete evidence in their hands, Lancashire police have still not recorded this as a crime.

Showing a glaring contradiction, in Lancashire constabulary, a notorious and convicted Cybercriminal from Sussex, (alias Taz Ryder), contacted Lancashire police, making a false report about me.

Lancashire police who are not his local force, passed this false report to the Lancashire Police Cyber Crime Unit without any hesitation and they assigned Detective David Tait to make contact with Taz Ryder.

Fortunatley I discovered this after a leaked communication with the Lancashire Police Cyber Crime was posted on the internet by Taz Ryder.

I contacted DC David Tait using the email address in the post, and DC David Tait responded to me and confirmed that the communication was TRUE, he was assigned to Taz Ryder.

David Tait confirmed that he was not made aware that Taz Ryder was a known cyber criminal or that Sussex police were investigating Taz for offences against me.

Lancashire police had jumped on this false report, with no hesitation simply because it was targeting me.

DC David Tait has confirmed to me directly by email that this false report has been FILED (i.e., closed with no evidence of any crime at all).

It is very strange how any fake allegation made against me by anyone, irrespective of however shady they are, is dealt with expeditiously and without any  hesitation, yet, when I provided concrete evidence of a Cyber Attack against me, (and likely from Lancashire police), it gets shelved.

Where is DC David Tait when a real Cyber Crime is reported?






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