PC Khafilat Kareem went on Nigerian Big Brother gets written warning

A police officer who appeared on the Nigerian version of Big Brother without permission from her bosses has been given a final written warning.

PC Khafilat Kareem was a serving Metropolitan Police officer when she applied to be on the show in 2019.

A misconduct hearing ruled PC Kareem should be given the written warning after gross misconduct was proven.

She entered the Big Brother house in Lagos in June 2019 and lasted 77 days before being evicted.

The misconduct panel, sitting at the Empress Building in west London, found PC Kareem had breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct”.

Following the panel’s conclusion, Det Ch Supt Andy Day said: “Permission was refused for PC Kareem to appear on the Nigerian version of Big Brother as it was felt it was not in the best interest for either her or the Metropolitan Police Service to take part.

“Despite this refusal, she went on the show anyway.

“A detailed investigation was carried out by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards which concluded PC Kareem should face gross misconduct proceedings.

“Being a police officer means you must abide by the standards of professional behaviour. PC Kareem’s behaviour clearly fell far short and she has been given a final written warning.”

PC Kareem had admitted one misconduct allegation of surrendering her work laptop to the producers of Big Brother, but had denied three other misconduct allegations.

In June 2019, she requested unpaid leave to appear on the show.

Although permission for the leave was granted, permission to take part in the show was not.

Mr Twist voiced concerns over PC Kareem’s welfare, her conduct and the public image of a serving Met Police officer on a reality TV show.

Her superior Ch Supt Jason Gwillim said the following day he became aware PC Kareem had entered the Big Brother house and was uncontactable until September.

He told the hearing his concerns then shifted towards her welfare as the national media began to pick up on the story.

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  1. Probably happened because of affirmative action – possibly selecting recruits because of a favored characteristic rather than ability.
    How did she end up in the London (Metropolitan) Police Dept it sounds and looks like she was from Nigeria.

  2. A weak tepid decision by an unfit for purpose force that has become the laughing stock of the nation with its lenient treatment of offenders within the discipline code who tick boxes for diversity on which many have been hired in the first place rather than on merit. This woman disregarded a direct order and went on an ego trip to a country known for kidnapping and abuse of human rights. She put herself at risk that may have required military intervention to resolve putting innocent lives at risk. Why did the Met not inform the local British Embassy in Lagos to get her out of the studio on the next available flight ? But she was left in the house for 77 days until voted out ! She should have been sacked on the spot without notice.

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