A Lancashire police informant who threatened children will avoid prosecution UNLESS YOU HELP

judicial review
judicial review

A Judicial Review of the IOPC is in now progress and needs your support.

It is quite simple, Paul Turner of Skelmersdale is (or was) a Police Informant – fact

Paul Turner threatened the lives of our children! – fact.

Paul Turner committed Perjury in court for lying on oath. He intended to see Paul Ponting prosecuted for an offence that was never committed.

The alleged offence was that Paul Ponting had called Paul Turner a police informant (a police snitch) – FACT.

Police claimed that this was an untrue statement and Mr Ponting was charged under the MAlicious Communications Act.  

As the statement was true, it cannot be an offence under the Malicious Communications Act.

Paul Turner denied being a police informant in court.  He also denied writing it or telling anyone. These facts are proven and make his intentional lies Perjury as they were put to him on oath and his lies intended to deceive the magistrates.

Audio of PC Danny Gardner confirming Paul Turner told him he was a police informant.

Copy of Paul Turner’s industrial tribunal where Turner wrote that he was a police informant. (highlighted in red)


Lancashire police refused to investigate this serious offence! After all, why would they? He was their snitch.

The IOPC have since backed the police and refused to direct an investigation into the crime.

The icing on the cake is that District Judge McGarva categorically stated that the criminal offence was ‘prima facie evident‘.

The IOPC, in a farcical response refusing to uphold the complaint, said they gave NO WEIGHT to the views of the District Judge, but they gave significant weight to Lancashire police who said (and I shit you not) that Turner denied writing the ‘Court Sealed Industrial Tribunal‘.

So, the police are suggesting that the Tribunals Court of Manchester, just for the hell of it, added that Paul Turner was a Police Informant.

Let’s see what the High Court make of this…


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