Successful Judicial Review ignored by Lancashire police – Now facing more legal action

14 months ago, (March 2021), I was successful in a Judicial Review against the IOPC.  The IOPC admitted to making an unlawful decision that ‘coincidentallyprotected a Lancashire police officer from a criminal and misconduct investigation.

I brought about a Judicial Review, and after my initial Letter Before Action, the IOPC conceded. The IOPC admitted they made an unlawful decision.

The IOPC mutually agreed to a consent order via the High Court to quash their unlawful decision and also agreed to pay all my reasonable costs.  Very kindly using the public money, not their own!

The IOPC then went on to direct Lancashire police to investigate the criminal allegation against Acting Inspector Ormiston, who is alleged to have lied on oath.  Another police officer, Inspector Adrian Jolly intentionally withheld critical evidence that would have proved my innocence. Therefore it is alleged that Mr Jolly Perverted the Course of Justice.

This critical evidence was intentionally withheld from the trial. Even after the unsafe (and short-lived) conviction, I was forced to seek a Court Order from the Crown Court to force Lancashire police to release this critical evidence for my appeal.   This Court Order was successful even after Inspector Jolly made submissions that he alleged I may  ‘tamper with the evidence!‘ He was desperate to deny me access to this evidence!

The Crown ordered the release of this evidence as it was my property, it was my evidence and it was required for my lawful defence. I was denied a fair trial which is protected under Article 6 of the Human Rights Act: Right to a fair trial, I was denied access to all the relevant information.

On the release of the critical evidence, my appeal of the conviction was mysteriously accepted without a trial.  I was immediately acquitted and even after every effort by Lancashire police, I still have no criminal record.

14 months on…

Lancashire police have written to me today 11.5.22 saying the following;

CO/004xxx/20 – IOPC direction into the review of the perjury by Ormston (1143) in relation to the lies and withholding evidence prior to a conviction.

Your complaint was raised on 27th April 2020 it was resulted by this department on 7th July 2020 and the IOPC upheld your appeal and wrote to us on 12th March 2021.  The investigation is still shown as live, however, as I have previously mentioned there are significant delays in teh department at present and  Iam unable to provide you with an estimation of when this investigation is completed. 

The letter today fails to mention that the IOPC upheld the complaint only after a costly (public paid) Judicial Review.  Some would say that the IOPC are biased towards the police, I absolutely agree this is the case.

I am now chasing this up with the IOPC and due to the inexcusable delay, will be involving Solicitors.

The above matter is already in progress for yet another Civil Claim by John Hagan & Iain Gould of DPP Law, Bootle, who has brought several prior successful Civil Claims against the Chief Constable Lancashire Constabulary on behalf of me (in the region of £50,000).

This should raise questions, “why Lancashire police have been sued so many times by one individual and why the individual was gagged by an injunction for blogging about the police misconduct

Rosie Cooper the West Lancashire MP has ‘turned a blind eye‘ to this abuse of public money by the police.

The former and current Lancashire crime commissioners are equally blinded by blatant corruption. (Clive Grunshaw and  Andrew Snowden)

Lancashire police are desperate to cover up the truth. The sooner they realise that will never happen, the sooner we can settle our differences and move on.


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  1. The function of the IOPC is to protect bent Police along with the Crime Commissioner and the Cheif Constable and the Professional Standards all bent all the proof is on Companies House Website for all to see contact me on 07734776840 and I will give you all the proof that they have helped to protect a person steal from the tax paye.

  2. Absolutely fantastic, C4,Sky,BBC anyone let’s make a social documentary about this story!…. I’d pay to watch it.?

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