DC Neil Patrick confirms he acquired my personal data from…. police data compliance

After DC Neil Patrick tried to contact Mr Ponting to attempt to coerce him to be a witness for the police, Mr Ponting questioned DC Neil Patrick (under caution of exposure), how he acquired his personal email address as it had never been disclosed to DC Neil Patrick.

DC Neil Patrick has confirmed that he got the email from the Police Data Compliance dept!

He was asked in no uncertain terms

This is my final request for how you got my private email address!

The response was unbelievable!

Mr Ponting had made a subject access request due to a misuse of his personal data with unlawful bail conditions.

The subject access request was made by Mr Ponting using his personal email address.  The email address was sent to the data compliance department, the email address was provided for that purpose only however, DC Neil Patrick has confirmed that they divulged it to him, which he then used for a different purpose, that was to attempt to coerce Mr Ponting.

The ICO has been notified and a data breach complaint has been made against the data controller.  A civil action is being considered.

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