Bedfordshire police record complaint against Sgt Power and notify Legal Services of Judicial Review

Bedfordshire police are again on notice of another Judicial Review after the absurd and unlawful decision of Sgt 5033 Power made a catastrophic victim-failing decision, condoning any grossly offensive & malicious comments being posted on Facebook are not a criminal offence, so long as they are not specifically sent to a person.  This is even if the comments have the intended victim’s name clearly mentioned and the comment is grossly offensive. Sgt 5033 Power of Bedfordshire police stated, in a cocky tone, it is not a crime.

After a lengthy decision in which the cocky cop made his decision (denying a victim access to justice), a perfectly reasonable question was sent to Sgt Power asking;

If I was to post (on Facebook), Sgt 5033 Power is a paedophile and was caught with indecent images of children on his phone and was arrested for it. Would you agree this is Freedom of Speech and that I would not be prosecuted for Malicious Communications?

Of course, I have no intention of doing this, but I can bet that if I did, I would be quickly arrested.

Of course, Sgt 5033 Power chose to ignore the rhetorical question, because, like all cops who are caught out, his options were to either be honest and admit his error, or ignore the victim.

A complaint has now been recorded against Sgt 5033 Power for allegations of (but not limited to) abuse of power and malfeasance in public office.

The harm caused by his decision and, therfore, the lack of swift police action is duly noted for a potential civil claim.

Listen to the dim-witted cop try to explain legislation.


Sgt 5033 Power explains how Malicious Communication crimes do not apply to Social Media.

Sgt 5033 Power explains how Social Media is not excluded in legislation, but Facebook overrules the law making it a Freedom of Speech stuff!

Sgt 5033 Power explains how you can post anything you want online , whether it is factual, or wrong, it DOESN’T MATTER

Sgt Power then goes off the subject of law and onto Facebook terms and conditions.

Sgt Power then completely makes a tit of himself, describing a criminal offence as ‘slander’. What the idiot doesn’t even know thought, is slander is ‘spoken’ defamation, libel is written, so the numpty gets it wrong again.

Sgt Power given a basic lesson in Defamation Law.

Sgt Cocky Cop then NFA’s a crime then being extremely rude – He was told after this EXACTLY what I though of him


Unless the decision is quickly reversed (in line with UK published legislation and clear CPS guidance) and the crime recorded and swiftly investigated, a Judicial Review application will be made.

Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable Trevor Rodenhurst will then be the 2nd Chief Constable of Bedfordshire police that I have brought a (successful) Judicial Review against.

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