Bedfordshire police concede to yet another Judicial Review

Bedfordshire police

In a recent crime report, Sgt dufus 5033 Powell said that it wasn’t a crime to post Malicious Communications on Facebook, and he refused to record the criminal offence.

The offender, George Vella of Bedfordshire, who is on notice of civil action regarding the malicious post he made, went on to goad the victim, saying, I am asking you again listen to the Sgt no crime committed and left his malicious and defamatory comment on his Facebook page for all to see, causing more harm. Vella’s defence is to rely on the misconceived view of Sgt Dufus that his post was not a crime.

Bedfordshire Police Legal Services were again, put on notice of a Judicial Review and given 14 days to reply. On the 15th day, they replied with

We remind you that paragraph 5 of the Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Review states that “judicial review should only be used where no adequate alternative remedy, such as a right of appeal, is available”.

The decision to take no further action with respect to your allegations, is one which you have the right to request be reviewed under the Victims’ Right to Review scheme.  The details of this scheme are available online:

Their response was incorrect, and they would have known it was intentionally trying to backpedal from a known unlawful decision that they could never expect to succeed in the High Court.

The response to the supposed Legal professionals was swift and brutal.

The suspect was identified but not interviewed. Therefore, the link you provided is incorrect and being from the legal services department is grossly incompetent of intended to mislead.  

I therefore will be reporting the advice given to PSD and the SRA, please advise the name of the SRA regulated Solicitor who gave me this advice.

To which Bedfordshire Police Legal Services replied with

In accordance with the pre-action protocol, with a view to trying to settle the dispute without the need for proceedings and to avoid unnecessary expense, we are prepared to carry out a review of the decision to take no further action. That review would be carried out in the same way as a VRR review.

If you do not wish such a review to be undertaken, we are prepared to treat your document headed ‘Statement of Facts and Grounds in support of the Claimant’s application for permission to apply for judicial review’ as standing in for your letter before claim.  We will provide a substantive response within 14 days of your written confirmation that you do not wish for a review to be undertaken.

It is clear in their reply that they are trying to avoid the process at all costs (and those costs would be heavy), but as they were put on notice of Judicial Review, their response shows Bedfordshire Police have conceded.

Bedfordshire police have shown on several occasions how they have allowed George Vella to commit criminal offences against several people. George Vella is a vile old man, and for some reason, he is allowed to attack teenage girls, women, children (convicted) and men.


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